BabyScope - Prenatal Listener App Reviews

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Not worth your money

I was so excited we I saw this app. It would be great to hear the heart beat at home. I was so disappointing when I put the phone up to my couch cushion and heard a heart beat . Dont waste your money !


The "monitor" gives my heart rate the same rate as my babys to a pillow. Crock of s*** and fraud. Id like my money back.


I had been very pleased with the results hearing my heart beat and then on my lower abs ,my babies much faster heart rate. My friend was hesitant to believe it works and suggested I try it somewhere else. So today I just tried it on my shin and got the same fast heart rate that I thought was the baby. Very disappointed and a waste of my $8.49. I have been through several miscarriages so this app was giving me some false hope.


This app is likely a scam. It detects a heartbeat of about 200 BPM (which would be too high for a baby or adult, actually) whether on a pregnant belly or a mans shin bone.

This app is so good I can hear my babys heartbeat in my thigh!

I should have read all the other reviews before spending my money and getting excited about how easy it was to find the heartbeat. I can hear my own heartbeat, but when I put the phone on my thigh, I get the same sound as when I put it on my belly (now 16 weeks pregnant). The instructions do say it works best in the 3rd trimester but still... the frequency of the feedback between the speaker and the microphone sounds too much like the heartbeat in the example. Keeping the app and trying again later, but I definitely feel tricked!

Great app

Would advise to download

Dont bother

Useless... Couldnt even pick up my own heart beat... Dont waste your money

works great!

Absolutely wonderful app. Ive tried several apps like this and this one is the only one that actually worked. Very recommended. I think its best for the later weeks. Great sharing options.

Read this before buying this app

I have to say I heard good things about this app so I was suprised that when I tried to use it and- it didnt work. Then I saw the video in the help section and saw I was using it wrong. When I knew how to use it, it worked like a charm. So this is my gift to anyone wanting to use this: Dont use it too early (start after week 25 - at least) be very patient, if you panik, skip this app since it takes time to make it work, and it doesnt always work (the baby is constantly moving, and sometimes I guess its position is not optimal). Take your phone out of its cover (very important!!). Once you find it youll know. Oh, and try listening to your own heart beat its fun and you can hear the difference and see if youre using it right. Another tip- share the recording with your family its a great way to get people involved in your pregnancy. Thats it, have fun :)

Waste of money

I found that it didnt pick up the babys heart at all. It just picked up my heart....if thats what it was at all.

First App Review

This app is great! First fetal monitor app Ive found that actually works. Tried it on my own heartbeat, on my husbands and even on the pillow, its legitimately accurate and doesnt give false readings for inanimate objects etc. The other apps, place the phone on a pillow and you still get a heart beat __ so this one didnt do that and was therefore worth every penny!!!!

Dont spend a dime

I managed to find a heartbeat 2 times only between week 18 and week 32. Maybe just got lucky or babys back was right there but I tell you, this is not worth what I paid for!

waste of money

dont waste your money on this app! my heart beat was all over the place and I was never able to capture my babys heart beat, dont be fooled just buy a baby dopler


The app is not working! My husband tried it and u know what! He is pregnant. Heartbeat detected is about 160, which is impossible

Great app

Really great app! Im so happy we got this, we were able to hear the heartbeat at 25 weeks!!!!

Love this app!

I love this app! Its fun to hear my babys heartbeat whenever I want. I thought the app is pretty easy to use and I like how it lets you record the beat and share it. great buy!!


Its not useful. I wish I didnt buy it.


This app is crap it doesnt work!

Waste of money.

Only use in third trimester. Doesnt say this anywhere in the description before purchase. I had to sit there for 20 minutes at a time trying and trying before I contacted support who sent me an explanation on how and when to use the app, along with an instructional video. Im now almost 30 weeks and have tried and tried to hear my babys heart beat and havent heard it once. I can hear my own just fine. Not his. Dont waste your money.


Heard my babys heartbeat at 31 weeks! Got the app in early stages of my pregnancy and tried it every few weeks since. I wasnt sure it actually works since I heard all sorts of noises that none of them sounded like the sound sample provided. At 31 weeks I finally found it! I got so excited, and immediately recorded it and shared it with my family

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