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Does not work

Almost 39 weeks pregnant and this app does not pick up babys heartbeat.

14 Weeks

I downloaded this app at 14 weeks, and can easily hear the babys every time I try. I can never hear my own, but whatever. I know I have a heartbeat.

Worth the money!

Ive read a few of these reviews and its astonishing how many women think this app is a suitable substitute for medical care. Its not an ultrasound or a blood test so only a fool would use it to confirm pregnancy. That said, this is the first review Ive ever written because Im so impressed with this app. It picked up two distinct rhythms for both me, and my unborn baby, and it picked up a third, different rhythm for my husband. It worked for me at 24+5, and we found the heartbeat almost immediately. I wouldnt get my hopes up for how effective this would be in early pregnancy, but I would assume that it would work once the mother starts feeling movement. Maybe only try during the second and third trimester. Anyway, I think its great!


I am kinda curious, I purchased the app and tried it and I heard what I thought was my babys heartbeat however we tried it on someone (who isnt pregnant) it had the same sound as if they had a babies heartbeat. Has anyone else experienced that? I really hope I didnt waste my money on a app that doesnt work. And, sounds like it works.

Didnt work

I am 29 weeks pregnant and this app has not worked for me at all. I have been trying to use it since week 7 and it still doesnt work. And my baby has a very strong heartbeat!

Not worth it

Can not even hear my own heart beat let alone the babys.

Worst app ever

You cant hear a heart beat! This is a lie.

This is a scam! Do not waste your money.

I purchased this app for some peace of mind. Im in my 3rd trimester. I had not felt my baby move that day, but know that some days theyre more active than others. This app didnt pick up my heartbeat, but appeared to pick up my babys fast heartbeat. (Red flag) I ended up going to the dr the next day to make sure things were alright. Unfortunately, my baby didnt make it. They told me he passed away 2 days ago, so that fake heartbeat I heard was just a lie. I think its horrible- these apps preying on women who want to feel closer to their unborn baby. Charging $5 to hear a fake heartbeat is just cruel. Dont waste your money!

Used to work but now totally is fake

You can get a heartbeat any part of your body now. Super disappointing.

Terrible app dont aster your money

This is an app to make money because I have tried multiple times even after watching video and got nothing. Don waste your time or money!

Amazing app!

I got this app when I was 28 weeks and I could hear the heart beat right away. you just have to look for it a bit and try different places on youre belly. It was really fun and a bonding experience for my husband who misses a lot of the OB appoinments. the best thing about it is that we could record the beat and send it around to our friends and familiy and on FB. so ya...thumbs up!

It works!!!

I didnt expect to hear the beat this early on, so I was pleasantly surprised (took a bit of serching) to hear my baby and record her heartbeat. only thing is you have to give it a chance and not give up till you find it. great app!

works very well

Ive tried a few apps like this with no success and this one worked for me on the first try! Im very happy with it! Love the share options! Im 30 weeks pregnant, if someone is earlyer on youed probably need to wait a bit before you can hear the beat.


Jerks !! I put it on the wall and its I heard a heart beat, and we all know a wall cant be pregnant! YALL JUST JERKS!

Did not sound clear

I held my phone on different parts of my belly and did not hear a heart beat.

glad I got this

Im so happy with this app, this is my first time writing a review but I just had to because it was such a good experience and I loved hearing my LOs heartbeat! we had so much fun and will keep the recordings forever. totally worth it!!!!

Hate this app

It doesnt matter if I put the phone on my belly, over my heart, or on my kids, the "heartbeats" all sound the same. Can you say rip off?

Very happy with this app

In the begining I thought this app didnt work but I kept trying and at 25 weeks I could hear the beat every day. I like the share options, theres Facebook ,whatsapp or email. this way people who arent there for our midwife visits can hear the beat and bond with our baby. The room has to be super quiet though, make sure of that because we tried to use it with the fan on and the mic picked up the fans noise.

So much fun!

I got this app with my husband and weve been loving it. we sit together every night and look for the heart beat then record it for our baby to hear it when shes grown. Its a bonding experience not only between us and the baby but with each other. If youre looking to have fun and bond with youre baby this is the app for you. of course for medical concerns you should see your midwife or doctor.

Waste of time and money

31 weeks pregnant, healthy and active baby. Have been giving this app a shot for the last 3 weeks and nothing. Hard to even hear my own heart beat at times. Immensely disappointed. Not worth a penny.

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