BabyScope - Prenatal Listener App Reviews

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28 Weeks

This app is great, love the bar that shows me the sound waves as it makes it easier to follow the heartbeat sounds. Works almost every time wih some patience

Good app. I even found a good strong heartbeat on my leg and on my pillow! Never knew there was a ❤️ too

Doesnt work

This app doesnt work. 28 weeks and after months of trying I still get nothing. I can pick up my own heartbeat just fine but it doesnt pick up babys. Waste of money, dont purchase.

Does not work I cant even find my own heart beat let alone the babies. Very annoying when you did everything how it explained.

Doesnt work as said

Have tried using this app for three months thinking it might miraculously work one day. Disappointing! It didnt even work on the 38th week! Complete waste of money, time and energy put in to it. Frustrating! Youll hear all kind of noises and sounds but no heartbeat. Couldnt even find my own heartbeat.

Biggest waste of $5 ever

We were unable to hear a heartbeat until week 37, and then only once. The microphone is not nearly sensitive enough. Worst $5 I ever spent.

Cant hear my babys heartbeat !

Purchased this at 15 weeks first mistake ! Says it works best after 30 weeks. At 32 weeks now and have not detected her heartbeat yet! I want a refund !

Does not work at all

Tried on my 8 month pregnant wife with the doctor helping me and got nothing. Total waste of money.

Doesnt work

Have had this week since 12 weeks pregnant, now am 38 weeks. Still doesnt pick up babys heartbeat.


Worst app I bought through my whole pregnancy. Never found a heartbeat once and I watched all the videos and followed all the instructions. Waste of time and money.

Waste of money

Doesnt work. Buy a home Doppler instead. I found babys heartbeat within seconds with a home Doppler at 12 weeks whereas this app even at 20 weeks has not found it once. Waste of money!

Not happy

Im 29 weeks and still cant get this to work. Ive watched all of the tutorials on how to work it and still nothing. Dont waste your money like I did. Im sure there are free ones out there that actually do work!

Bad buy

I wish i never bought this. Too good to be true. Ive been trying it out since I was about 12 weeks. Now Im 24 and I have yet to hear the babys heartbeat with this thing. I cant even hear mine, my daughters, or my husband. Waste of money!


At 36 weeks pregnant this app does nothing. No sign of heartbeat with case off and in a dark, quiet room - not even my own! Ive followed the videos and reached out to tech support with no success. Save yourself some worry and some money and do not buy.

Dont buy this app!

If I could give it no stars I would. Almost 26 weeks and nothing. Sounds like noise and static. Dont waste your money!!!!!

Doesnt work

This app is a joke. It has never once found the baby heart beat. I am currently 37 weeks. Dont waste the 5 dollars


I got this early on in my pregnancy found the babies heart beat or so I thought turns out this app takes any noise and turns it into a prerecorded heartbeat. Its such a rip off. I put the microphone to a blanket and it had a heartbeat

Not Worth It

28 weeks and have yet to hear anything other than my heartbeat.

Horrible app

As a medical professional I shouldve known not to trust an app like this. Its garbage. Doesnt work. I dont know how they have any stars at all. I hope people keep giving more honest reviews and get rid of this app so no one spends anymore money!

So so app

So this app is alright . Problem is you cant hear anything but your own heart beat until about 20 weeks or so . And by then your feeling kicks and movements so you know your baby is ok and its comforting . I have red some reviews where moms think they heard their babies heart beat as early as 6 weeks . However some woman fail to realize we have major arteries that run through the same areas you are trying to hear a heartbeat . So you are hearing your own pulse not the babies heart beat . Its just too small at that point or even until past 18 weeks to be honest . Anyway , I guess for first time mothers this app is nice but like I said . By the time you can hear a heart beat that is actually your babies . Your already feeling kicks and many signs that your baby is in fact in Your tummy floating around happy.

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