BabyScope - Prenatal Listener App Reviews

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Never worked.

From week 10 until week 36, it never worked , not even once! Dont pay for this app, useless ------

Excellent and very comforting

It really works and is very reassuring for young mothers, especially during the first pregnancy. I can recommend it!

Heard babys heartbeat @ 28 wks

Pretty good app. Heartbeat takes patience to find

Dont waste your money

36 weeks and still cannot find the heartbeat. Wish we didnt waste the 7$

What a waste! Dont buy it!

Does not work! At all!!! Im on my 35th week, i cant hear a thing with this useless app!

Doesnt work

I am 39 weeks 3 days have been trying to use it since 16 weeks... Still nothing. Doesnt work.

Too early to tell

Im at 11 weeks now and I had this app since I was at 9 weeks, I was sure I heard the heartbeat but it turned out it was a feedback (some sound was entering in the mic from the speakers and it was looping to create something very rhythmic and constant). This feedback is an issue because its very confusing. I tried again today and I still have the same issue.


love the fact that i can hear my babys heartbeat whenever i want. Im at week 26 and i can hear the heartbeat clearly, though it says you usually can start listening from 30. so so so exciting for me! worth the small sum for the peace of mind


I simply love this app!! Im a health care professional and I do recommend it to my patients!! Simpler instructions not always work, perhaps a step by step instructions will work best!! Its worth the price!!

No heartbeat heard even at 32 weeks!

I couldnt even find my heartbeat let alone my baby. I wouldnt waste my money on this.

15 w

I cant hear the heartbeat! Is she too small at this time?

Great app!

Im so excited with this app! I found the heartbeat at 23 weeks and its pretty amazing! obvs its not like at the doctors, but its still great enough for an app that I can listen to the heartbeat at home from!! :)

Best app out there!

Really happy with this app, using it at 11wks and really kept me at ease. It is better than the fetal doppler I bought so I returned it. Plus you can record and send sound bites to loved ones.

Not good for twins

Just bought this and got disappointed. It does not work for twins at 26 weeks.


Does not work!!! Do Not Waste your money on this useless app! No response to multiple emails sent in regards to getting a refund! Shows the same "heartbeat" no matter what skin surface it touches

Doesnt work at all

Dont buy - doesnt work. Even for grown-ups heart beat

Doesnt work

Completely useless. Support only repeated the instructions provided in spite of the fact I told them I already did exactly as the instructions said. Wish I could get a refund as I couldnt use it at all.

Very satisfied!!!

I cant believe how well it works! Im 26.3 weeks and WOW, a must try! I just wish once you send/upload a saved heartbeat the app saved what was sent so you dont have to do it all over again. Otherwise great app!

I want a refund.

Bought this app and of course doesnt work. Way too noisy for one thing. Cant even hear my heart. And yes I watched the videos. it is like a must to be in the third trimester. Well I am not there yet but thats not the issue. My placenta is in they way and I cant hear the heart beat. If I would have known that then I wouldnt of wasted the money on this app. Feel totally bummed.

Doesnt work!

How do I go about getting a refund. This app does not work with my phone!

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