BabyScope - Prenatal Listener App Reviews

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Doesnt work.

I used this app exactly as directed and on the 4 people Ive tried it with I havent been able to find one heart beat

Waste of Money

Bought this app in the beginning of my 3rd trimester and it didnt work. Followed all instructions exactly. I decided to give it a second try today at 38weeks pregnant. Still nothing. Not even my own heartbeat. Fail.

Waste of money

Want my money back - have been trying to use this app since second trimester to more than 30 weeks now and absolutely doesnt work.

Dont Buy!

Waste! Worthless!

No BS, it actually does work.

I was super apprehensive when I bought this because who wouldnt be. I purchased the app originally when I was around 10 weeks pregnant and it didnt work. I could use it for my own heartbeat but not our sons. Today at 15 weeks & 3 days I got curious and decided to check and BOOM. I was able to find it without any issues! I am actually shocked because honestly I had zero hope in this app actually working. I do wish the sound was a little clearer but you cant be picky when youre spending $5 on an app compared to $50 on a Doppler.

Waste of the money !!!dont buy it

This is completely useless app.Doesnt work ,

Didnt work

I tried many times and this just isnt worth it. Never worked waste of money


I bought this app to listen to my coworkers babys heartbeat because I have a severe case of baby fever. Anyway, I love it! It didnt work at first because she wasnt far enough along but now that shes into her second trimester, it works great! Great app.

Loving this app!

Works like a charm at 32 weeks just needs some patience! Love the sharing option!

Great app!!!

I had to review this app because it wasq such a good experience! We had so much fun listening to the heartbeat of my little one!! And I will forsure keep the recordings forever. totally worth it!!!!

Dont be mislead keep trying!!

In the begining I thought this app didnt work but I kept trying and once i got to 25 weeks I could finally hear the beat every day. I like the share options, theres Facebook ,whatsapp and email.This way people who arent there for our midwife visits can hear the beat and bond with our baby. The room has to be super quiet though, make sure of that because we tried to use it with the fan on and the mic picked up the fans noise...

Not good

I am 32 weeks and I cant hear babys heart beat, I could hear my hear beat and even that is not very clear. There is so much noise that it picks out that it takes away from the actual sounds that you want to hear. Waste of money for me.

Works just like it says

Third trimester and works perfectly! At first it didnt work, I emailed support, they were quick to answer and gave me a bunch of tips! (I was trying to use in my first weeks of pregnancy and with my phone case on)

29 weeks - third trimester ....still nothing

I have been hoping to hear my little one as early as 8 weeks-to my disappointment I did hear or catch a heartbeat with this app. So I have tried each and every week after. But with each week came even more dissatisfaction. How is it that you can make an app for pregnancy- when you only have 2 months left of 9 months and it still isnt strong enough to catch the heartbeat?? This is a worthless app. Do not spend your money, and time on it. You will end up heartbroken trying to hear your little one, to see if theyre ok and doing well, and never get to hear anything .

Love it!

Heard my babys heartbeat at 31 weeks! Got the app in early stages of my pregnancy and tried it every few weeks since. I wasnt sure it actually works since I heard all sorts of noises that none of them sounded like the sound sample provided. At 31 weeks I finally found it! I got so excited, and immediately recorded it and shared it with my family

Yup, works

This is one of the best pregnancy apps ever!I feel I got my moneys worth with this one for sure. I recorded my babys heart beat at 29 weeks with no problem and have used it every day since. Hands down my favorite pregnancy app!Just a lot of fun


I personally love this app and its concept. HOWEVER if youre the type of woman thats gonna become very stressed or nervous if the app doesnt find your babys heartbeat imediately or all the time, then this app isnt for you. However, if youre looking for a cute and fun experience, an app that can save recordings of your babys heartbeat and share them with friends and family, then i highly recommend babyscope. Just make sure to take off your phone case and switch to airplane mode before using, AND make sure to be in a really quiet room (the first time i tried it the neighbors were mowing their lawn and i couldnt make out any heartbeat)

Does not work.

I ignored the previous reviews and went ahead and purchased this app big mistake on my part. If youre thinking about this dont it doesnt work. Earlier reviews make no sense and all five stars really and at the bottom all one star its a hoax. All those reviews are set up as instructions. Ive sent a complaint to apple because this app is predatory and the five star reviews are very misleading. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY IT DOES NOT WORK.

Must have app for pregnant woman

When I got this app, it took me a while to get it to work. At first, I couldnt even hear my own heart, but then I realised that if I use it EXACTLY like in the tutorial, it workes amazingly! If youre thinking about getting this app, here are a few pointers that will help you get a clear heartbeat: 1. Take off the cover of your phone! if you dont take it off, you wont even hear your own heart (thats what I was doing wrong in the beginning). 2. Focus the search on the lower part of your belly and work your way up to the belly button. 3. Most importantly - Dont panic if it doesnt work! After all, its only an app, and youre not at the doctors office , using a high-end medical ultrasound Once I got it to work, it was very nice and my older son loved hearing his baby brothers heartbeat :) :) :) Good luck :-).

Thank you!

Honeslty im obssesed with this app! for an app its just great! Works every time, i can tell the difference between my heartbeat and my babys, so thanks to the developers for making this app as its one of my favorites!!

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