BabyScope - Prenatal Listener App Reviews

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Waste of $...39 wks & still cant hear heartbeat

Tried for past month, followed tutorial, still cant hear heartbeat. App is waste of $$.

Dont waste your $$$

This app has never worked for me. Im 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and its useless.

It works!

I was very skeptical about buying this app due to some of the reviews. The first try we couldnt hear anything, 5 days later... boom!! Loud and clear! So happy to have this app :)

Waste of money

Im 28 weeks and still cant hear the heartbeat with this app. Anything else I use picks up her heartbeat right away. Ive tried a million times and havent heard it at all. She kicks the whole time though so I guess thats cool.

Awful app

Im now 39 weeks and I have tried since the beginning to get a heart beat. Still was not able to, even with doing everything the tutorial said and taking my cover off. Is NOT worth money at all!

Waste of money!

Does not work at all!!! Waste of money!


Ne marche pas

It works fine.

No problems to make it work. Simple and easy. No lies. Its worth buying!

Works great at 23 weeks!

I bought this app at 15 weeks and tried once or twice a week to find babys heartbeat. I was finally able to hear it at 23 weeks.


Complete waste of $$. Bought at 16w, knowing it said it couldnt work perfectly until 28w. Im now 30 weeks and still nothing. Its such a let down. And everyone who says they can hear their babies HB, are probably hearing their own and or their own gas. DO NOT BUY THIS P.O.CRAP

Waste of money and time

I bought this app at 30 wks pregnant I am due tomorrow and still have not heard anything close to the babies heart beat even took it to my doctors appt to get him to try and he couldnt get it either

Works great

Ive been trying for a few weeks now and finally found the heart beat today at 18 weeks!


To those who said they couldnt hear anything I know I most certainly did!! I bought the app at 16 weeks and tried on and off and for the first time tonight it worked. Im now 22 weeks pregnant and a medium build and I heard everything clearly. Lay flat be quiet and try your lower abdomen. Be patient but the app does work!!!

Does NOT work for ipod touch

The headphones connection gets in the way of the internal microphone, and it doesnt let you use it without headphones plugged in. They lie when they say it works for ipod. Couldnt even hear my own heartbeat let alone the babys... Complete ripoff dont waste your money, buy a used stethoscope for 10$ on eBay instead!

Large expensive piece of crap.

Im 32 weeks and nothing is heard except my own digestion. You even speak into the mic it even sounds horrible. - it replicates what the baby could be hearing in the womb. Dont buy it.

Baby scope

This app actually worked for me. Ive heard lots of people say its a scam and doesnt work, but I just tried it at 32 week and I could find the baby easily. Music to my ears and worth the few bucks. I did try it about a month and a half ago and couldnt find anything, but this time I got a clear heartbeat. It was awesome :)

What a joke

26 weeks along and still cant hear a thing besides my own heart beat. Dont waste the money. Spend it on your baby instead.

Great app

Im 21 weeks and after a couple of attempts I found the heart beat!

I want my money back

Does not work at all, not a bit. I seriously want my money back!


This app is wonderful. I am 16 weeks and found babies heartbeat right away. My only issue is when trying to share the upload always fails, waiting on a response from the support team on this

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