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Amazing app!

I got this app when I was 28 weeks and I could hear the heart beat right away. you just have to look for it a bit and try different places on your belly. It was really fun and a bonding experience for my husband who misses a lot of the OB appoinments. the best thing about it is that we could record the beat and send it around to our friends and familiy and on FB. so ya...thumbs up!

It works!!

I didnt expect to hear the beat this early on, so I was pleasantly surprised (took a bit of serching) to hear my baby and record her heartbeat. only thing is you have to give it a chance and not give up till you find it. great app!

works very well!

Ive tried a few apps like this with no success and this one worked for me on the first try! Im very happy with it. Love the share options! Im 30 weeks pregnant, if someone is earlyer on youed probably need to wait a bit before you can hear the beat.

glad I got this!

Im so happy with this app, this is my first time writing a review but I just had to because it was such a good experience and I loved hearing my LOs heartbeat! we had so much fun and will keep the recordings forever. totally worth it!!!!

Very happy with this app!

In the begining I thought this app didnt work but I kept trying and at 25 weeks I could hear the beat every day. I like the share options, theres Facebook ,whatsapp or email. this way people who arent there for our midwife visits can hear the beat and bond with our baby. The room has to be super quiet though, make sure of that because we tried to use it with the fan on and the mic picked up the fans noise.

So much fun :)

I got this app with my husband and weve been loving it. we sit together every night and look for the heart beat then record it for our baby to hear it when shes grown. Its a bonding experience not only between us and the baby but with each other. If youre looking to have fun and bond with youre baby this is the app for you. of course for medical concerns you should see your midwife or doctor.

wonderful app

I started using this when I was about 27 weeks and it works! its amazing to hear my LOs heartbeat whenever I want and I can send it to my husband so he can enjoy it with me. Its truly an amazing experience. love love love!

It works great

This is one of the best pregnancy apps ever!I feel I got my moneys worth with this one for sure. I recorded my babys heart beat at 25 weeks with no problem and have used it every day since. Hands down my favorite app!


Heard baby heart beat at 20 week. Takes a lot of stress off. Absolutely love it. ❤️


Why cant I save it as a video....

Best app EVER!

I never write reviews for apps. Ever. I got this hoping, but not expecting, for it to work. Im carrying twins and was able to find both babies. At first, I could only find one, but I put it down and tried again an hour later and SUCCESS! I recorded both and sent to a relative thats a nurse. Were both extremely impressed. What an absolute genius idea! Bravo!!!

Love this app!

Im only 17 weeks and I can hear my son. I love using it on days hes not as active. Lets me make sure hes doing well in there. Worth the price


Record the same thing over and over and listen . Its the same exact recoding every time . Youll get a heart beat even if you set the phone down.

This app is amazing.

Ive never written an app review before but I had to share. I bought this app thinking it wouldnt do much, I am barely 8 weeks. Since my first ultrasound isnt for 2 more weeks its a constant worry everyday wondering if everything is ok. I have used this app every day this week and heard the heartbeat almost every time!! Its such a huge relief!!! Whenever Im wondering if things are ok I can just use this quickly and Im put at ease. Thank you so much!!!!!

Read this before buying.

I dont do reviews often but I really wanted to write a review for this app in hopes in saves some of you from wasting your money. Basically I missed my period for three months. I took a couple HPTs but they were negative so I didnt really think anything of it at first, but after missing the second month I really started to worry. I made an appointment with my doctor and I couldnt get in for another few weeks so I was searching around for something that might give me a clue to if I was actually pregnant or not. I downloaded this app because many people on here seem to think it works, so I wanted to give it a try. When I first used it I would have been 9 weeks pregnant; so early but others have had success at an earlier state. Long story short I tested this out on EVERYTHING, including other people and it ONLY picked up a heartbeat around 170 on my stomach and nothing else. So I went to the doctor thinking I was pregnant. They ran some tests and did an ultrasound and turns out Im not actually pregnant. I have since then gotten my period and everything is back to normal. But the app still seems to pick up a heartbeat. I literally thought I was pregnant for a while because of this app and I was very disappointed when I went to the doctor to find out I wasnt. I have no idea how it only works on my stomach and no one elses but its very good at tricking people. Please dont waste your money, or get your hopes up.

Totally works!

Like others have said, its nice to use this app in between dr visits. Exciting to say the least!


So. I want to say I love this ap. I can hear my babys heartbeat! Or can I? I get mine easy enough. Its the right pace. I get my babies easy enough. Faster pace. However. I notice if I place the microphone on different parts of my chest or body I also get what appears to be a fast HB type sound. To test that sound I put the thing on my husband. Got his HB. And then also the fast beat again. The random fast beat differs to what I thought the babies HB is only in the way of the peaks on the screen. Does anyone have any idea whats up? I want to feel confident Im finding the HB. Its so assuring!


I love this app! I just hit my second trimester, and I didnt want to buy a fetal Doppler to use until the baby started kicking, so I decided to try this. I was hesitant because some reviews said it wont wont work until youre 30 weeks. I was able to pick up my babys heartbeat at 13 weeks after about 5 minutes of searching, and I found it pretty quickly at 14 weeks. So happy!


My first time trying this app & I absolutely LOVE it

Zero stars‼️

I bought this app 3 weeks ago because I was 16 weeks pregnant and couldnt feel movement yet. Loved it at first because we could hear a heartbeat! Showed all my coworkers, family and friends. At my sonogram appointment today they couldnt find a heartbeat. Baby died at 14 weeks gestation. What was I listening too?? This is a hoax. Dont waist your money and dont trust the app.

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