BabyScope - Prenatal Listener App Reviews

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Works great

I am a first time mom and I couldnt help but worry about my child every second of everyday. So when I heard about this app I decided to try it out. At first I thought I wasted money on it because I couldnt find my own heartbeat, but after a few tries I finally heard it. I put it up to my belly and heard my childs heartbeat, both my husband and I started to tear up because we havent heard our childs heartbeat before. My husband says its the best $5.00 we have ever spent.

wonderful app!

I started using this when I was about 27 weeks and it works! its amazing to hear my LOs heartbeat whenever I want and I can send it to my husband so he can enjoy it with me. Its truly an amazing experience. love love love!

It works great!

This is one of the best pregnancy apps ever!I feel I got my moneys worth with this one for sure. I recorded my babys heart beat at 25 weeks with no problem and have used it every day since. Hands down my favorite app!

If I can give this app zero stars I would this app is not worth the money I repeat its not worth the money.if you put the microphone against the wall You would hear the same sound as your belly what does that tell you..this app is a fraud I am 32 weeks that is the recommended amount of weeks to USE the app and I heard nothing I went to my prenatal appointment the next day and the doctor heard a very strong heartbeat.i would like my coins back.who ever paid these other users to write these false reviews pay me as well thank you

Love it!

Heard my sweet babys heartbeat! Took me a couple of times until I got it, but when I did it was so exciting! The videos were very helpful to get it right. Great app!

Dont bother.

I downloaded the app at 16 weeks (which is early) but after trying for the past 9 weeks Ive not heard anything remotely close. Its only $5 but not worth that little voice inside your head wondering if there is something wrong.

Dont waste your money

I purchased this when I was 12 weeks. I am now 36 weeks and still trying to hear something.. All I hear is static and see an occasional spike. It was only a few dollars so I dont really care that it was a waste of money but just want to warn others to find another app of they want to hear their babys heartbeat.


Im 32 weeks and all I get is static. Not worth it

Dont waste your money

Never heard heartbeat throughout my pregnancy.

Dont waste your money

I was excited to try this out due to the many great reviews but this app doesnt work at all, Ive tried several times throughout my pregnancy (even after 30+ weeks) and never heard anything.

Read this before you buy

When I got this app, it took me a while to get it to work. At first, I couldnt even hear my own heart, but then I realised that if I use it EXACTLY like in the tutorial, it workes amazingly! If youre thinking about getting this app, here are a few pointers that will help you get a clear heartbeat: 1. Take off the cover of your phone! if you dont take it off, you wont even hear your own heart (thats what I was doing wrong in the beginning). 2. Focus the search on the lower part of your belly and work your way up to the belly button. 3. Most importantly - Dont panic if it doesnt work! After all, its only an app, and youre not at the doctors office , using a high-end medical ultrasound. Once I got it to work, it was very nice and my older son loved hearing his baby brothers heartbeat :) :) :) Good luck :-).

Never made it work

I have downloaded the App, trying to run it, but the screen is Just white . Wasted money

Cant get it to work!

Im almost 32 weeks and I cant get it to work. Not worth the fuss or the money.

Great Pregnancy App!

Definitly I can easily find my heartbeat - anyone who cant find her own heartbeat is probably not taking the cover off. Finding the babys heartbeat is a bit more tricky , but if you take the time , and focus on the lower abdomen , after several attempts it should work (at least for us it did - week 28+3). Must say Its one of those things when you see and say "how come no one did it before..." :-).

Doesnt work.

I was optimistic and bought this at 16 weeks. Now Im 30 weeks and the app hasnt worked a single time throughout the past 14 weeks. Save your money and skip this app.

39 weeks, still cant find it

Tried this app at many times throughout the pregnancy. We never found a distinguishable heartbeat, even at 39 weeks. There was a lot noise. I was also on an iPhone 5 and 6s which has the speaker and microphone on the same end of the phone, which was really annoying. Sad it didnt work.

Picked up the HR!!

Im 35 weeks pregnant and it picked it up really well! I just didnt like how it didnt count it for you.

Waste of time!

Found out I was pregnant and downloaded the app. Was hearing heartbeat well or so I thought! We went to OB for ultrasound and they determined there was no heartbeat. 7 weeks pregnant but no fetal heartbeat could be detected. Having another ultrasound in one week to make sure. Dont waste your time! US tech the app doesnt work right and the heartbeat I was hearing was my own heartbeat! Regretting downloading this app and highly dont recommend it!

Found it at 9 and 1/2 weeks

So after hearing my babys heartbeat today at the doctors office I was determined to find it on here. I am only 9 and 1/2 weeks. I bought this app last week and heard nothing after many tries. But today I decided I would keep trying until I found it. And my stubbornness and perseverance paid off! After a little over an hour of searching I finally found it! I have an iPhone and the way I found it was by placing 2 fingers under the speaker while keeping contact with the microphone. I pressed down a bit with the two fingers next to speaker so I could drop in a little further with the microphone side. I finally found my little one about 2 inches below my belly button and 2 inches to the left. This app is generally recommended for the 3rd trimester but if you are as stubborn as I, you might be as lucky to hear it earlier. Worth the $4.99 to give it a shot in my opinion. Good luck!

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