BabyScope - Prenatal Listener App Reviews

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Waste of an App

I wouldnt even give this app a 1 star rating. I purchased this app at 14 weeks, knowing it may not work right away. Now at 27 weeks, all I hear is gurgling sounds. Even my heart beat doesnt appear as it should in their "example" section. Do not waste your time, energy or money on this app.

Wow!!! Excellent!

I was amazed how great this app works... Just like going to the dr. I can find my babys heartbeat in seconds.

Buy it!

I bought another app which is cheaper than this but a garbage. I can hear my babys heartbeat clearly on low abdomen.


This app doesnt work at all. Waste of 5 bucks!!

Waste of money

My honest opinion: I would give this 0 stars if I could. Began using this at 20 weeks, nothing. Now in my third trimester 33 weeks, still the same- nothing! Way to sucker people out of a few dollars! Thanks for nothing. I suggest you buy yourself a Doppler if you truly want to hear your babys heartbeat.

Love it!!!

Started using it really early and at first I couldnt hear anything but now I can its clear and amazing!!! It all depends on how clean your phone mike is as well!!!


28 weeks with twins able to find both babies heartbeats but disappointed when I went to share as it sounds like nothing just fuzz :(

Worked awesome!!

I had no problem finding my babys heart beat and Im only 13 weeks!! Harder to find mine but thats because my breasts get in the way

Didnt like

Ive tried numerous times to find babys heartbeat and never have any luck. I tried around 15 weeks and still at 32 I get nothing. :( Great idea but if it takes up to birth to work its pointless.


It took a few minutes of searching, but we could actually hear our babys heartbeat! Very exciting and great to have!

Not worth a penny!

This is such a waste of money. Theres too much noise, thats all you can hear and everything else is unclear. I didnt expected the app to be like this. I thought I saved money from not buying the device to listen to my babys heartbeat but I was so wrong!


I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and have yet to hear my babys heartbeat through this app. When purchased, I was excited to be able to listen in whenever I wanted, without having to wait for a doctors appointment but have been completely let down. Such a waste of money!!

Doesnt work

Does not work whatsoever.

10.5 weeks and heard the HB

Hard to find at first but I heard it. Great app to check every now and then to reduce anxiety.

Not worth it

Couldnt even manage to hear MY heartbeat, let alone one of a fetus.

Worked For Us!

At 15 weeks we can definitely hear the babys heartbeat.

WOW! Amazed!

17 weeks today and found the heart beat pretty easy and it was loud and clear! Very happy! 6$ well spent!

It definitely works!

I love just sitting and listening to my baby before going to sleep!


Sound is off a bit but for being a 6.00 app I was really impressed Im 15 weeks and was able to detect the heart beat.

Update Erased My Recordings

Beyond devastated. Recordings of both my girls heartbeats are gone since the update.

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